What we must do!

Sandra O'Hagan
2 min readJan 20, 2021

Looking back, is allowed at the start of a brand-new year. Obviously 2020 is not one to dwell on but it’s interesting to see how differently the unfolding of a pandemic affected people. Obviously, experiences were defined by many factors; employment, financial situation, family and marital status, health (mental & physical), and even where you live. The most dubious being the interpretation of the rules. Even the participants of Gogglebox questioned the mismanagement of it all.

Respect for our fellow humans was often severely tested.

Division of class was laid bare and the term covidiots had a lot to contend with. Black lives matter came to the fore, highlighting the bigotry and race hatred still alive and armed throughout the world. Good leadership was pivotal, lack of it cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Everyday grocery shopping felt like an ill-equipped military operation. Panic buying was a thing, as was sanitising and endless scrubbing of hands. Wearing masks went from a novelty, attracting mockery, to everyone having a drawer full.

Social distancing was an ever-changing measurement.

We clapped for key workers whilst others demonised them. We judged neighbours and questioned bubbles. We found comfort in Disney plus, tik tok, chocolate and everything else that would soothe the worry or allay the boredom. We embraced loungewear and appreciated our pets even more. Our hair got out of control and our waistlines expanded. Our family gatherings were at the park. Our homes got decluttered weekly. Our day was interrupted by inept government briefings. Our outrage was never tempered. Our desire to hug loved ones intensified. Our Friday night out became a zoom quiz.

Lockdowns became tiers. Tiers became lockdowns again!

A new year has begun and our situation is now even more precarious. Vaccines now exist but so does gross suspicion because cronyism is rife. Our trust in those that should be protecting us has now evaporated. The media refuses to ask the many questions that we cry out to be answered. The new opposition never even bothered to show up. All we have now is each other.

So, what can we do? What must we do?

Find comfort and share it. Discover distraction and pass it on. Look for inspiration and spread it all around. Stumble across kindness and give it back. Most of all we must hunt for hope. Hope is buried away but we must all agree to keep looking for it.

Hope will help us to look to the future, beyond this living nightmare. It is what will get us out of this scary place we are in. Hope is everything!

“Everything that is done in this world, is done by hope” Martin Luther King Jr