Sandra O'Hagan
1 min readJan 14, 2021

Snow lies deep outside my window.
It seems to create a silence although that can’t be true.
A stillness in the air but what does that even mean.
On close inspection a traffic of creatures have made their mark.
Who else shares our world of wonder?

I can appreciate it, as I have nowhere to be.
It’s coldness is fine, I’m cosy inside.
Even in my bed, it’s presence is felt.
Like a heavy blanket someone left behind.
I wonder who that was?

Maybe somewhere someone wants us to stop.
Catch our breath and look around.
See the world how it once was.
Thinking about what we have become.
How did we get here?

Snow lies deep all around me.
When it finally melts I hope to see a change.
As the earth soaks away the coldness.
The warmer skies clear away the rest.
What will be left behind?